Yehuda T. Deutsch

I am a software developer, mainly using the Python language. My main interest in software is network infrastructure and inter-application integration solutions.

Working at Palo Alto Networks. In a DevOps Shared Services team we manage development tools like GitLab, various CI / CD services and development cycle observability solutions.

Worked before that at Zencity. In the DevOps team we implemented tools and practices that fitted the company's needs, wants and size.

Being part of the Open Law Israel project, I manage the infrastructure and tooling to help volunteers update and simplify the access to Israel's state laws and regulations.

General membership and occasional volunteering:

  • The Public Knowledge Workshop (Hasadna) - A volunteer based organization tasked with opening access to public data and knowledge
  • Hamakor - The main organization in Israel tasked with promoting Open Source and Hebrew in Open Source and organizing communities around open source projects
  • Digital Rights Movement - An organization focused on Digital Rights, like copyright, privacy and SLAPPs